How Can I Look Stylish in Simple Clothes? 9 Easy Tips to Follow

How Can I Look Stylish in Simple Clothes? 9 Easy Tips to Follow

What comes to your mind when you think of the style? I would say it is more about adding more personality to an outfit.

Looking stylish in simple clothes all comes down to the little things about an outfit. How you style it, wear it, what you add to an outfit to make it look different, and how to basically make a basic outfit look less basic.

Your style is like your identity, So if wondering, how can I look stylish in simple clothes? got you covered.

This article will help you elevate your style game, whether you are trying to figure out how to look stylish at home or elevate your everyday looks. Let’s roll.

How Can I look Stylish in Simple Clothes?

1. Investing in quality over quantity

When it comes to fashion and style quality is more important than quantity. It doesn’t matter how packed your closet is, it's about what’s in there.

Why own 100 shirts from fast fashion brands when you can invest in five that are made from quality material? A 100 dollar will last you a couple of years compared to a 20-dollar one that will require replacement after a few wears.

2.   Dress Your Body Type

dressing as per your body type

Knowing your body shape is a staple in fashion since it is a foundation of elegance.

Dressing your body type is not about wearing clothes that fit or have the right measurements. Try clothes that actually complement your body.

There are different body types. For example, curvy women look really good in wrap skirts and high-waisted pants. Petite bodies should aim more for skinny jeans and round neck tops.

3. Invest in Basics

Basics are a must-have. These are basically clothes that look good with anything. It can be a basic white tee, a denim jacket or a leather jacket.

On those days you feel like you have nothing to wear, basics come in handy. Basic pieces can look boring but with the right accessories, they look very elegant

4. Accessorize

clothes and accessories

For you to look stylish and elegant you need to be creative. Playing around with accessories is very essential. This doesn’t mean that you need a whole jewelers box of pearls. A simple pair of gold earrings, a ring and a necklace can 100 per cent bring an outfit from basic to not basic.

Jewelry can either make a statement or keep things delicate depending on the outfit. You can choose to layer up or keep it simple. Belts are a must-have accessory, especially for curvy women. This helps emphasize the waist. Another accessory is a cute bag. An everyday elegant bag can elevate your whole outfit in a snap.

5. Layer Up

Layering is all about incorporating different textures and fabrics and making them look less basic. Being able to pair fabrics that are feminine against harsh fabrics.

When I mention layering, I assume the first thing that comes to mind is a trench coat. Trench coats can be worn over a suit a track set or a simple white tee and jeans.

Other than Trench coats, scarfs are also a good layering piece. When you are creative with your scarves makes your outfit look so chic.

Playing around with monochromes when layering is also very elegant.

6. Paring Right

pairing attires looks stylish and simple

Paring right means being able to balance proportions. To achieve this, you need to know your body type first and be able to play around with different fits and still keep it classy.

For example, you can pair oversized pants with a crop top. Tucking a shirt when pairing it with skinny jeans also elevates the outfit

Pairing is however not about fittings but also color. We would all agree that playing around with color is fun, but can you pair your colors right

When choosing bright colors, make sure that they complement each other or at least they are close shades. Think about pairing red pants with a baby pink top, stunning. 

In case you struggle with color pair them with neutrals.

 7. Invest in Neutrals

Neutrals are mostly known to be boring but they can also look elegant, clean and high-end if you love to play around with different textures and fabrics. 

Building up your closet with neutrals is very wise rather than investing in quality with multi-colors. Neutrals are very easy to work with for every skin color.

When choosing the right neutrals, matching your color undertone with your skin undertone will look so streamlined.

8. Work on Your Makeup and Hair

simple make up and hair looks elegant

We have to agree that you can’t wear a cute outfit and forget your hair or have bad makeup.

A subtle makeup keeps your look elegant and chic. A simple eye look will make the outfit more put together especially if you are more into neutrals. You can make the makeup pop by introducing bold lipstick, like red. 

Keep your hair neat and simple. This way people will pay more attention to your outfit. If you are versatile play around with trendy hairstyles.

9. Take Care of Your Clothes

Being stylish doesn’t only involve how good your clothes are; it is how well they are maintained.

Maintaining your clothes means they last longer. You can start by paying more attention to the care labels and follow up on everything from how to wash, dry, iron, fold and wear the clothes.

Clothes have different fabrics which require different care. Linen, for example, is very delicate and requires a lot of quality. One mistake can have you to lose all your beautiful outfits without knowing.

Wrapping Up

Building a capsule wardrobe collection is very tedious but worth it. This helps you come up with everyday staples and build a signature style. 

I hope that the tips I have shared will be of help in your journey of learning about your style, and how to wear them.

Other than that your confidence is what speaks for your style. It's funny how high fashion models wear anything on the runway and still look high-end, it's all the confidence.