What Types of Sweaters Are in Style in 2022?

What Types of Sweaters Are in Style in 2022?

When the sweater weather hits, you have no option but to get yourself one or two to keep warm. Sweaters were once a staple during cold weather, but now, they are considered more like fashion pieces. 

There are many different kinds of sweaters, many of which can be worn all season. You can never go wrong with a sweater; you only need to style them well. 

You can undoubtedly have many sweaters, some from more than ten years ago. But some of them are outdated. In this article, we shall discuss the types of sweaters in style. You will never go wrong with these pieces. 

What Kind of Sweaters Are in Style?

1. Aran Sweater 

Aran sweater is in style


The Aran sweaters date back to the 15th century, and guess what? They are still in style. This is the sweater to wear if you want to achieve an old-school look yet remain in style. 

The sweater is also known as the fisherman’s sweater. Often fishermen’s wives knitted these sweaters for their husbands to keep them warm at sea. 

Aran sweaters became popular first with men, but now women cannot keep their hands off the sweater. The beauty of these sweaters is that they are a statement piece on their own, with no need to accessorize overly. 

2. Pullover Sweater  

pullover sweater


The pullover sweater is a classic that never goes away anytime soon. It has been here for years and is still here to stay. 

Characterized by the rib knit cuff, hem, and crewneck, the pullover is for you if you want to bring back the grandma look in chic. 

The pullover is loosely worn; you can pair it with your high-waist jeans, tights, and even. Because they are oversized, they can be worn all year round.

3. Bell Sleeve Sweater 

bell sleeve sweater


The bell-sleeve sweater is one of the trendiest pieces that date back to the medieval period when flaring sleeves were trendy.  

These flaring sleeves are now back with a bang, and you can wear them with your favorite skirt or pants. With this sweater, you do not need a lot of accessories because the sleeves are already a statement on their own.

4. Open-Knit Sweater

open knit sweater


Lucky for you, the Essential Style Boutique has open-knit sweaters for you to try, which come in different colors. 

The yarn used to make the open-knit sweaters is loosely braided, leaving it with tiny holes and somewhat transparent. 

Open-knit sweaters are not meant to keep you warm, but they are stylish and look amazing with dresses, especially maxi dresses. 

Does this knitwear ever go out of style? Probably not, they are versatile, and because of this, we can be sure that they will still be in style even in years to come. 

5. Cropped Sweater  

crop sweater in style


We all know this is the season for cropped tops and cropped sweaters. Cropped sweaters are great for pairing with high-waisted jeans or pencil skirts. 

You can purchase cropped sweaters as official wear or rock them during casual events. They are meant to be worn during warm seasons. But you can wear them with a jacket or coat to keep warm during cold weather. 

You can purchase one from Essential Style Boutique.

6. Gingham Cardigans 

are gingham sweaters in style


These are sweaters with gingham patterns, and this sweater reminds me of princes in movies. They seem to love this type of sweater and are right to do so because they are so chic. 

Apart from making you look like a princess, this sweater will make you look feminine and cute. You can pair it with an all-white dress and sandals to complete the princess look. 

You can purchase a sleeveless gingham sweater from Essential Style Boutique.

7. Cardigan Sweater 

cardigan sweater


This traditional sweater comes with a wide V-neck and an upfront button. 

Like many other sweaters, these were traditionally worn by men, but now we have many cute cardigans for women. We have them short and extra long and in different colors and designs. 

What I love about them is their versatility. I prefer wearing long cardigans with tights or a bodycon dress. When it's cold, I just wear a scarf; with this look, you will feel warm, cozy, and cute. 

8. Cowl Neck Sweater 

cowl neck sweater


This is a normal sweater, but with a cowl neck, they are loose fitting, and many are long. These sweaters are feminine, and the cowl neck makes your torso appear longer.

You can pair this piece with straight pants or skinny jeans. 

 9. Cut-Out Sweater

If you are looking for a sweater that will leave you looking sexy, then the cut-out sweater is for you. 

The sweater is designed to show some skin on your chest; better still, if you have a bigger burst, your cleavage will show in this trendy outfit. Some of the cutout sweaters not only show some skin on your chest, but others show some skin on your back. 

These sweaters were not designed to keep you warm. But they were designed in the 1960s by women coming up with fashion trends opposite the norms.

These sweaters look great in short skirts paired with boots. 

10. Argyle Knit 

The sweater was once popular with men but is currently a trendy style for women. The interlocking diamond shapes are a common feature of all argyle knits. 

The sweater was once popular with golfers, and currently, it is worn because it is fashionable and preppy. 

Argyle knit was first popular in the Argyll region of Scotland. It has been worn by famous golfers and was loved by the duke of Windsor. 

The outfit will look great in a short white skirt and white pants. To look even better, wear some shades and a hat.

Final Word 

There are many sweaters for you, but we have included the current trending sweaters. The beauty of these sweaters is that you can style them differently and for different occasions. 

I love all the sweaters in this category, but my favorite is the Aran sweater; it has amazing details that make you look sophisticated. 

Luckily most of these collections are available at the Essential Style Boutique, and you only have to select the right one.