What Shoes to Wear With a Sweater Dress? (For the Hottest Look)

What Shoes to Wear With a Sweater Dress? (For the Hottest Look)

A sweater dress is one of the coziest outfits you can add to your closet. It is classic, comfortable,  and versatile; it comes in different lengths, shapes, sizes, and styles. You only need to look for the right one for the right occasion. 

Also, you need to select the perfect shoes for your sweater dress to create a cohesive look. You can also use your shoe selection to dress down or uplift your look. 

Here are some shoes you can wear with your sweater dress. 

Shoes to Wear With a Sweater Dress

1. Boots 

boots to wear with sweater dress


Boots are must-have shoes for girls who love to wear sweater dresses. Boots will keep your feet warm and make you look simple, edgy, and chic in your sweater dress. Boots are also the perfect way to achieve that country girl look, just wear a hat, and you are good to go. 

If you want to know what type of boots to wear with a sweater dress, read on to find more. 

High boots - you will usually wear your sweater dress during cold weather; thus, tall boots are a great way to keep warm and still look great. Also, high boots are perfect if you may walk through mud, snow, or puddles. 

Ankle boots - with ankle boots, you can choose whether to go for flat boots or heeled boots. Ankle boots look great with midi to maxi sweater dresses. 

Combat boots - these will add some edge to your look. You can wear these boots with a sleek bodycon dress to look flirty, fit, and flare. 

Cowgirl boots - if you wish to look cool and chick, wear your cowgirl boots with a sweater dress. Wear this outfit to a country fair or a square dance. 

Platform boots - these are the boots for those days when you wish to feel sexy and feminine. These boots will make you look taller, adding power and pop to your look. 

Chelsea boots - these boots were initially meant for men, but many girls wear them and look cute. You can wear your sweater dress with Chelsea boots.

Peep toe boots - this is a chic and comfortable outfit and, therefore, ideal for running errands or hanging out with friends. 

Slouchy boots - this is a super chic way to wear your sweater dress. Leather or slouchy suede boots will look perfect with a sweater dress. The combo will instantly elevate your look and style. 

2. Sneakers 

Wear sneakers with sweater dress


These are comfortable shoes that have been trending since the 1950s. The outfit instantly transforms from a girly look with your sweater dress to a sporty look. 

If you are wondering which shoes to wear with a black sweater dress, white sneakers will look great. 

Sneakers will keep you looking casual and comfortable. 

3. High Tops

what to wear with sweater dress


Converse chuck tailor shoes are unisex and considered classic footwear. You can wear these shoes to achieve the quintessential tomboy girl look.

4. Ballet Flats

can you wear flats with sweater dress


The innocent and sweet Mary Jane flat is the perfect shoe to wear with your black and short leather dress. Ballet flats should be your first option if you can wear flats with a sweater dress. 

If you want to achieve the rebellious look, wear these shoes paired with a black leather dress, black fishnet stockings, and some bad-girl makeup.

For ballet flats, the length of your dress does not matter. 

5. Sandals

what to wear with black sweater dress


You may be surprised to learn that you can wear sandals with a sweater dress. Sandals are summer shoes, and sweater dresses are cold-weather outfits. But you will look great with this combination. 

This is the perfect choice to wear on warm days. Choose a pair of strappy sandals if you want to look all girly. 

Wedges are your second option if you want to look a bit taller. Wedges are beautiful because you can wear a maxi summer dress and still look amazing. 

Flat sandals  will look great with a midi sweater dress

6. Pump and Heels

can you wear heels with a sweater dress


The look is for those days when you want to look stylish and dressed. You can try to match different pumps and heels with your sweater dress. 

With this look, you can never go wrong, so experiment to figure out which color combo will look great with your body type and skin tone. 

If you go for block heels, then select a midi maxi dress. Go for an a-line dress if you want to stand out in this look. 

7. Loafers 

loafers with a sweater dress



The beauty of loafers is that they come in different colors, shapes, and styles. They are also very comfortable, and you can choose this outfit for any occasion. 

I prefer this look when I am hanging out with friends. With this, you will look great and still feel comfortable. 

The beauty of loafers is that they are easy to slip into. You can always carry some loafers in your car when you want to take off your heels for comfort. 

8. Mules 

wear mules with a sweater dress


During autumn, mules are the perfect shoe to wear with your sweater dress. Mules an open back so you can still wear it during warmer fall weather. 

Midi sweater dresses will look great with mules. Wearing mules with longer dresses or mini dresses will not be ideal. Still, you can find a way of rocking this look by selecting maxi dresses with longer slits. 

Final Word 

As you can see, there are many shoes you can select to wear with your sweater dresses. I prefer wearing my sweater dresses with white sneakers, and this is because I love the comfort of sweater dresses with sneakers. 

But whether you select sneakers, mules, loafers, and boots, you will look great in a sweater dress. 

You can have several of your perfect looks and go ahead and rock them. You can check out the shoe collection at the Essential Style Boutique. Select the shoes that will look great with your sweater dress.