What Is Knitwear? Trends You Should Wear in 2022

What Is Knitwear? Trends You Should Wear in 2022

There was a time when everyone thought knitwear was going out of fashion. Well, everyone pictured knitwear clothing as more like clothing for older people. But, voila! The trend is getting more and more popular. 

But what is knitwear? Knitwear is clothing items that you can make through the process of knitting. When knitting, yarn is interwoven to create a fabric you can convert into any clothing item. 

If you would like to learn more about knitwear and how you can incorporate it into your fashion style, then read on.

How Is Knitting Done?

how knitting is done


Knitting is a process that can be done using a knitting machine or by hand.

Many people have taken up knitting as a hobby or fun and created unique pieces. Some people claim that knitting is a form of meditation because, during the process, you relax and gather your thoughts. Other people marvel at the sense of accomplishment after mastering a complex design.

Well, what's more important is that you can fill up your closet with great knitwear pieces that can be worn all season.

To create knitwear, all you need is yarn and needles. You then continuously interlink yarn using needles to create a fabric. Join the fabric to create clothing items.

Not everyone likes to knit, and even if you do, you may still want to add more knitwear to your collections. You can check out knitwear pieces by the Essential Style Boutique; they have an excellent knitwear collection. 

What Is the Current Knitwear Trend?

Knitwear started as a passing cloud, and currently, it has become a movement. Almost every celebrity is rocking knitwear. Everyone loves it not only because of its comfort but also because it adds some eloquence to your wardrobe.

So whether you are looking for a classic look or want to make a glam statement, knitwear will complete your look. If you want knitwear made from cashmere, wool, silks, or different blends, here are tips to make you look trendy.

1. Fuzzy Knitwear

fuzzy knitwear for skirts and dresses


The trend was popular in the 90s, thanks to celebrities like Cher Horowitz and Elle Woods. Now, it is back with a bang. The trend was popular with sweaters, and now you see people rocking miniskirts and dresses.

Fuzzy pieces are not only cute but nostalgic. They are not only trendy but also very comfortable. 

2. Statement Sleeves

Statement sleeves knitwear is famous; every knitwear Pinterest board will not lack this trend. If you are looking for effortless chic, knitwear sweaters with statement sleeves are the way to go. 

The good thing is that you can wear it with a pair of trousers, shorts, skirts and even over a dress. To complete this perfect look, wear it with chunky loafers or even your white sneakers. 

3. Cut Outs

cut-outs knitwear for crop tops


Showing some skin is the current fashion trend, and guess what? With knitwear, showing some skin will make you stand out.

Choose designs such as off-shoulders, cold shoulders, and ribbed knitwear. Designs that show some back, miniskirts, and short dresses will look amazing.

Picture yourself wearing a short knitwear dress and some boots; this is the perfect look to complete a night out with the girls. 

If you love to wear leather, pair this with your leather trouser or skirt to get the quintessential it-girl look

4. The Cable Knit Sweater

If you are looking for a casual refinement look, then the cable knit sweater is what you should be going for to add to your closet. 

Seafaring were the first people to wear cable-knit sweaters. The trend began in 1900 when women from an Irish Island made these sweaters to keep fishermen warm at sea. 

The 19th-century trend has now gotten a facelift. You can get oversized fits, exaggerated hems, cropped silhouettes, and some with fringe details. 

5. Adding Some Sparkle to Your Knitwear

Sugar, spice, and everything nice; add some sparkle to give you a glamorous look. Add sparkle to the neckline, pockets, and buttons, or embellish your sweater to make it stand out. 

Adding pearls, beads, or crystal accents will elevate your look a notch higher.

Knitwear Pieces to Add to Your Wardrobe

best in your wardrobe


Everyone’s head probably always thinks of a sweater when talking about knitwear. However, there are more clothing items.

Here are some clothing items you can add to your collection of knitwear

  • Oversized Sweaters. They offer comfort and warmth. Also, they are trendy and look lovely when paired with jeans. 
  • Shawl. A shawl is a clothing item that completes that look. Drape it over your dress or wear it for a perfect evening nature walk.
  • Hats. Everyone loves hats, and whether you are looking for a cat or owl hat, beanies, or unicorn hats, you can always get them in knitwear.
  • Mittens and hand warmers. These are perfect for the cold season. Not only will you feel warm, but you will also look trendy despite the weather.
  • Crop tops. What's impressive about these is that they are so simple to make for yourself using an easy online tutorial
  • Yoshimi Knit dress,  This is a dress with a generous fit that you can wear anywhere. You can belt it up for a classy look or leave it hanging for a relaxed look. 
  • Bolero sweater. The look is chic and classy. If you are looking for a boss lady look, this is the outfit for you. 
  • Slipper boots are perfect for keeping your legs warm during the cold season. Also, this is an excellent option if you want a comfortable indoor slipper. You can also get knitwear leg warmers for those chilly days.
  • Scarf. Everyone who is learning how to knit probably began by making a scarf. 

Final Word

Knitting began a long time ago, probably in the 9th century. You can now knit clothes using machines, although many people prefer to knit them using their hands, claiming that it is a hobby and a relaxing process. 

Because of the advancement in knitting, there is a variety of good quality knitwear. Most importantly, knitwear is a current fashion trend.  All you need to do is follow the tips given in this document.