What Can I Wear With Black Jeans? A Quick Guide for 2022

What Can I Wear With Black Jeans? A Quick Guide for 2022

I consider black jeans as a wardrobe essential. You can wear them in so many ways and all seasons. What I love the most about black jeans is that they are very easy to style. 

I started wearing black jeans because they have a slimming effect, but now I wear them because I look so amazing. Now that I know some tips on how to style them, I wear them almost daily. In this guide, I will share some of those tips. 

We shall go through everything you need to know about what you can wear with your black jeans. 

Tops to Wear With Black Jeans

To look great in black jeans, you must find the right top. Here are some tops you can pair with black jeans 

1. Blouses

wat to wear with black jeans women's


Blouses are stylish and feminine and perfectly bring out your black jeans. You see, black jeans don't have much going on, so pairing them with a blouse will elevate your look. 

To even take your look a notch higher, go for blouses that stand out. Here a sequined blouse will look great with black jeans. Also, consider wearing animal prints and metallic camis. 

Blouses with frills and ruffles will add some playful spin to the mix even better, and these are currently on trend.

If you have skinny or straight black jeans, wear an off-the-shoulder top. Remember, here we are going all out without tops. 

2. Sweatshirt 

We are shifting gears here to a more laid-back style. Still, sweatshirts and black jeans go together like peanut butter and jelly. 

Play around with the color and proportion of the sweatshirt. You can pair your black jeans with an oversized sweatshirt. You can also wear a cropped top with your high-waist black jeans. 

3. Jackets

We know that the main reason we layer our outfits is that it elevates our look instantly. Here you wear your jacket over the top. 

In this case, any jacket will look good, but my favorite is a moto jacket, utility jacket, or denim jacket. 

The denim jacket is perfect for spring, summer, and early fall. Blue denim jackets are especially perfect outfits to break the color of the jeans. And, well, going double denim is a trend that makes a bold statement and one trendy way to style your black jeans.

For moto, utility, and bomber jackets, go for olive green. Wear a graphic tee inside and put on some white sneakers to complete the look.

What color of the shirt will go with the black jeans here? Since we are layering this with a jacket, a black tee will look perfect; it will create a monochromatic look, which will be a good base for your jacket. 

4. A Simple White Tee

what to wear with black jeans casual


This is a look to go for when you want to look effortlessly cool. A graphic tee looks great, but here I'd go for a white T-shirt; this gives you the monochrome fashion style everyone is rocking. 

Add some jewelry to spice things up if you want to elevate your white tee and black jeans style. 

Shoes to Wear With Black Jeans

Here are some shoe ideas that will look great with your black jeans

1. White Sneakers

What color of shoes go with black jeans?


If you are wondering what color shoes go with black jeans, you do not need to think hard. White sneakers are definitely made for black jeans. Black jeans are neutral; thus, you do not need to worry about patterns or colors. 

White sneakers complete the look and also gives you casual sporty aesthetics. 

2. Pumps

This is one way to dress up black jeans, and heels have a way of creating a dressier appearance. Here the pointed toe of your pumps will give you a flattering and elongated appearance. 

Wear more neutral colors like white, black, or nude for a classic look. But if you want to pump things up, consider going for colors that pop even better, go for prints. 

3. Flats

Sometimes you do not want to look dressy, and neither do you want to look casual. So these days, sneakers and heels are not ideal for you.

Flats are the best choice here, and you will look really good. Flats have a way of elevating the look of black jeans. 

4. Black Ankle Boots

best boots to wear with black jeans


Black ankle boots are perfect to pair with your black jeans for cooler months. Ensure that your ankle boots perfectly fit you, which gives you a flattering appearance. 

5. Tall Boots 

We consider these boots knee-length boots or thigh-length boots. Tall boots will give you a complete look and keep you warm at the same time. 

Wear skinny or straight jeans to ensure the trouser fits in the boot. 

6. Mules

Whether flat or high-heeled, mules will definitely elevate the look of your black jeans. Here go for a graphic tee or an oversized sweater. 

Mules will look great in flared bell-bottom black jeans, and Essential Style Boutique has them stocked up.

Does Anything Go With Black Jeans?

Indeed, black jeans are versatile, and because they are neutral in color, they will look great with just about anything. All you need is to find the perfect outfit for your body type and the occasion. 

Don't be afraid to pair your black jeans with colored and printed styles here. But if you want to maintain the neutral look, pair your black jeans with shades of brown, gray, white, and black. 

Still, go for bold and bright colors if you want to look vibrant

Final Word

Black jeans are probably one outfit that will never go out of style. What may change is the design. Still, every woman needs one in their closet. The beauty of black jeans is that you can wear them anywhere. Some people can even wear them in their formal jobs. 

The article has described tops and shoes that look great with black jeans. The Essential Style Boutique has a wide variety of tops, from knitwear to t-shirts, cardigans, sweatshirts, and blouses. 

With the variety of outfit ideas, you will never ask what you can wear with black jeans.