What Body Shape Can Wear Jumpsuits in 2022?

What Body Shape Can Wear Jumpsuits in 2022?

Jumpsuits are essential in every woman’s closet; they can be worn when attending official functions, casual lunches with the girls, or going for a fancy evening out. These unique onesies come in various colors, shapes, and designs, and many want to own some.

But, who can wear jumpsuits?

Frankly, many women wonder if jumpsuits flatter their body type. The good news is that anyone can wear a jumpsuit, you only have to find the right one for your body type. 

What body shape can wear jumpsuits? Read on to find the right jumpsuit for your body type. 

5 Common Body Types for Jumpsuits

Everyone has a different body type. Despite this, everyone deserves to feel great about how they look.  We have created this guide to help you select the best jumpsuit for your body type.

If you are unsure about your body type, you can take an online quiz to help you determine.

Let's get down to it. 

1. Jumpsuits for Hourglass Figure


If you have an hourglass figure, then it means that your hip and bust measurements are the same or within an inch or two. Also, your waist is clearly defined, giving you a perfectly proportioned and balanced figure. 

Because of this natural balance, jumpsuits will look great on you.  Jumpsuits are created to emphasize the waist; since yours is well defined, this will work to your advantage. You may not even need a belt to accentuate it. 

What to look for in a jumpsuit for your hourglass figure
  • Go for a jumpsuit that perfectly fits your body. An oversized jumpsuit will hide your body shape and make you look bigger than you are. 
  • Select jumpsuits that focus on your waist and create an illusion of a smaller waist; this will draw attention to your curves. 

2. Jumpsuits for a Curvy Body


Many plus-size women are picky regarding their outfit choices. They always look for an outfit that will flatter their figure and enhance their curves. 

So, do jumpsuits suit curvy figures?

Well, jumpsuits are perfect for the full-figured woman. I believe that they created jumpsuits for curvy women. Plus-size women look elegant in jumpsuits. What's more, they look modern, well put together, and sexy. 

Tips to look good in a jumpsuit if you have a curvy body

  • Choose Your Fabric Well. The choice of color and fabric is all that matters. Curvy women should go for dark solid colors because they are slimming. Look for stretchy, flowing, and soft fabrics because they will flow with your figure flattering how you look. 
  • Define your Waist. Are there jumpsuits for big tummy? Yes, all jumpsuits can be won even with a big tummy; all you need to do is define your waist. If you wear a jumpsuit without defining your waist, you will look like you are wearing a giant garbage bag.  

You can define your waist by

  1. Choosing a jumpsuit that has a defined waistline.
  2. Belting your middle but not tightly. Also, wear the belt above your natural waistline for a more flattering look.
  • Put On a Shape Wear Underneath. Shapewear will flatten your tummy and smoothen things out so you can wear a clingy jumpsuit. So they are perfect for curvy women who carry some weight in their tummy. 
  • Choose a Flattering Neckline. The neckline will determine whether you look good or not in a jumpsuit. A deep scoop neckline or a V-neckline makes you look taller and elongates your neck. Another perfect choice is the boat neckline which perfectly balances your wide hips. Also, a boat neckline will give you a slimming look if you are big-busted. 

3. Jumpsuit for a Pear-Shaped Body

jumpsuit for pear shaped women


A Jumpsuit is incredibly flattering for a pear-shaped body. Many pear-shaped women love to wear jumpsuits because they look good in them effortlessly.

Pear-shaped bodies have smaller busts and waists and broader hips. So naturally, they will look amazing in jumpsuits.

Fashion tips to make you look even better in a pear-shaped body
  • Go for straight or wide-leg trousers. Thus, this will create a streamlined shape because they will glide and flow over your hips.
  • Choose off-shoulders or wide-neck designs. The design will attract some visual interest to the top half and thus instantly flattering your pear shape. To increase this effect, you can also wear exaggerated sleeves and jumpsuits with minimal details on your bottom half. 

4. Jumpsuit for Rectangle Body Shape

rectangle body shape outfits


Believe it or not, you will still look great in a jumpsuit, even with a rectangular body shape. You only need to find the perfect jumpsuit for your body type. The secret to looking great is finding a jumpsuit that will provide an illusion of curves and a defined waistline. 

Women with rectangular body shapes have straight shoulders, and their busts and hips are almost the same widths. Also, they have little to no waist definition. 

What consider when selecting a jumpsuit for a rectangle body type 
  • Select a jumpsuit that fits your upper body perfectly to draw more attention to your waist. Also, this will create a softness to your rectangular body shape. 
  • Choose bottoms with more fabric like ruching, pleats, and gatherings to give the impression of curves. You can also select jumpsuits with wider or straighter legs to place more focus on your bust and waist.
  • Go for jumpsuits that show off a sexy back, either a bareback or a back made of string; this will flatter your rectangle frame and create a curfew silhouette.

5. Jumpsuit for Apple Body Shape 

best jumpsuit for apple shape


Apple-shaped bodies are slimmer on the bottom and wider on the top, limiting the variety of jumpsuits ideal for this body type. Still, the correct jumpsuit will flatter the body and make you stand out from the crowd.

Here is what you need to consider when selecting a perfect jumpsuit for your body type. 

  • Go for designs complimenting your bust and enhancing your figure. Go for a V-neckline or a plunging neckline. Keep details on the upper part of the body to the minimum so that it does not add bulk to the body. 
  • Select jumpsuits that define your legs and waist.
  • Select a skinny-legged jumpsuit with a bodice. Some jumpsuits have explicitly been made for women with apple-shaped bodies; they come with a bodice that creates a waist definition.
  • Go for a jumpsuit similar to an A-line dress; this will provide a lovely flattering figure because it will skim over your hips and bust. 

What Other Body Shapes Can Wear Jumpsuits?

You can still wear jumpsuits even if you are tall or short. 

Jumpsuits are ideal for short and petite girls; they make them look taller instantly. 

Shorter women should consider the following.

  • Select jumpsuits that fit them perfectly all round
  • Choose one with an elevated waistline to elongate their legs. 

Tall women should only ensure that they get a jumpsuit long enough to fit them.

Wrapping Up 

Jumpsuits were initially designed to be workwear garments, and they have transformed into a fashion trend that is probably not going away soon. 

Jumpsuits are stylish and practical; the good news is that anyone can add them to their closet. But, you have to find the right one for your body type.