How to Wear Mini Dress Modestly (Top 11 Tips)

How to Wear Mini Dress Modestly (Top 11 Tips)

While a mini dress is a great option for a night out, you may wonder how to wear one modestly.

Fortunately, you can use a few easy tips and tricks to ensure your mini dress is stylish and modest. With just a few simple adjustments, you’ll be ready to rock your mini dress with confidence!

Please keep reading for our top tips on how to wear a mini dress modestly.

How to Wear Mini Dresses Modestly

A mini dress can be a great option for a night out or a special event, but how do you wear one without looking too revealing? The key is to style it with confidence! Here are some tips:

1. Assess the occasion

When deciding whether or not to wear a mini dress, it is important to assess the occasion. If you are attending a formal event, it is probably best to avoid wearing a mini-dress. 

However, a mini-dress can be a great option if the event is more casual. It is also important to consider the location of the event. 

If you will be outside, you may want to choose a longer dress or skirt to avoid exposing too much skin.

2. Think about your audience 

When deciding how to modestly style a mini dress, it's important to consider your audience. If you're dressing for a more conservative setting, you'll want to ensure your wardrobe choices reflect that. 

Below are some tips on how to wear a mini dress modestly in different scenarios: 

  • If you're attending a religious service or function, it's important to be respectful of the venue by covering up as much skin as possible. A long-sleeved mini dress or one with a high neckline is a good option. You could also layer a cardigan or sweater over your dress.
  • If you're going to be around children, you'll want to avoid anything too revealing. A-line mini dresses are a good choice because they provide coverage while still being stylish. For extra coverage, you could also consider wearing tights or leggings under your dress. 
  • For more casual settings, like brunch with friends or running errands, you have more flexibility in what you can wear.

A denim mini dress is a cute and modest option that can be dressed up or down as needed. Just ensure your dress isn't too short - aim for something that hits at least mid-thigh.

3. Choose the right fabric

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right fabric for a mini dress. The first is the weight of the fabric.

Heavier fabrics will tend to fall straight down, while lighter fabrics will cling more to your body. If you want to wear a mini dress modestly, choose a heavier fabric that won't cling too closely to your curves.

Another thing to consider is the texture of the fabric. Smooth fabrics will show every curve of your body, while rougher fabrics will disguise some of your shapes. 

If you're self-conscious about your figure, opt for a mini dress in a rougher fabric.

Finally, think about the pattern of the fabric. Busy patterns can be very flattering and distracting from any imperfections you might be worried about.

Solid colors can also be slimming and modest. Choose a pattern or color that you feel confident and comfortable in.

4. Opt for a covered silhouette

a short dress


If you're not comfortable showing a lot of skin, opt for a mini dress with a covered silhouette. 

Look for dresses with long sleeves, high necklines, and skirts that hit below the knee. You can add a layer over your dress, like a cardigan or jacket, to make it more modest. 

5. Layer it up

One of the best ways to wear a mini dress modestly is by layering it up. This can be done with a cardigan, jacket, or scarf. 

By adding layers, you can add coverage and still show off the cute dress underneath. Plus, layering can also help keep you warm on cooler days.

6. Opt for flat shoes 

mini dress with flat shoes


High heels might make your look elegant, but it also elevates your height, thus drawing more attention to the legs. 

To avoid this, opt for flat shoes or sneakers to avoid too much attention. If you insist on heels, opt for short heels such as kitten heels.

7. Wear shorts underneath

Short dresses are beautiful, but they can be very uncomfortable to wear. You might feel insecure about your underwear, and wearing a short underneath can solve such wardrobe malfunctions.

8. Wear a pencil skirt

Consider a pencil skirt if you’re still wondering what to wear underneath your mini-dress to make it longer.

Choose a skirt of the same color for a more seamless look or contrasting color to make it look like a layered color dress.

9. Wear stockings

wearing mini dress with stockings


Do you love short dresses but have leg insecurities? Stocking should be your best friend.

There are different stockings to choose from. You can wear black ones or falke natural tights that blend with your skin tone.

Stockings are also perfect if you're looking for a way to wear your short dress in winter.

10. Wear boots

wearing boots with a  mini dress


Wearing high-knee boots with short dresses makes it more modest.

Compared to stockings, thigh-high boots bring out more boldness and look chic.

As long as your calves are covered, you can go a few inches above the knee and still be modest.

11. Wear it as a top

When you feel like your mini dress is too short for the outside, wear it as a top. 

You can style your short flared or shift dresses with jeans. This will look more stylish and modest if you add a small belt.

You can also tuck it in your flared skirts or oversized pants. Short slip dresses look so stylish when tucked in as tops.

Winding Up

The goal of making your pieces more modest is not to take it boring but to switch it up to more wearable ways that work for you.

By following these simple style tips, you'll be able to rock a mini dress with confidence!