How to Wear a Sweater Dress With Boots (And Look Stunning)

How to Wear a Sweater Dress With Boots (And Look Stunning)

Sweater dresses and ankle boots are definitely a match made in heaven. Whenever I picture someone wearing a sweater dress, I see them wearing matching boots. 

The two outfits are a must-have in every woman's closet; I must admit, they are some of my favorites. If you are looking for ways to style them, then you are in luck because that is what this article is all about. 

If you don't own a sweater dress or boots yet, then I am sure you will be running to buy some by the end of this article.

How to Wear Sweater Dress With Boots

There are many types of sweater dresses, from maxi to midi and mini dresses. Also, there are different kinds of boots, including flat, heeled, ankle, knee-length, and thigh-length boots. 

Here is how you can pair your sweater dress and boots outfits.

Mini Sweater Dress With Boots

wearing a mini sweater dress with boots



Mini sweater dresses look amazing with boots. If you are bold enough, you can wear your mini dress with ankle boots, and this is a sexy look. This is the perfect combination for a night out partying. 

But, if you are shy about showing too much skin, you can wear a sweater dress with tights and boots. You can go for any boots in this combo, but if our dress is really short, thigh-length boots will look amazing. 

You can wear a belt that matches your boots to enhance your look. 

Midi Sweater Dress With Boots

how to wear a midi sweater dress with boots


Do not be afraid to let your boots steal the show for this look. Remember, there is nothing much going on with a midi dress. So go all out with your boots. Here are some boot materials you can wear with your midi sweater dress.

  • Soft suedes 
  • Smooth leathers
  • Patent leathers
  • Animal prints
  • Snake prints 
  • Pony hair

Because you don't want to look overly dressed in this combination, ankle-length boots or knee-high boots are perfect. 

You do not have to wear tights underneath, but if it is the cold season, wearing tights under your sweater dress will keep you warm and leave you looking great. 

Also, pairing your midi sweater dress with ankle boots is a great way to show up to your office looking great. Suede and leather will be the perfect office wear combination.

Maxi Sweater Dress With Boots 

how to look amazing in a maxi sweater dress and boots


Did you know that you can wear your maxi sweater dress with knee-high boots and still look amazing? Here you can go for the same color of sweater dress and boots for a monochromatic look. 

If you love long sweater dresses, you are in the great company of celebrities like Rihanna

Long sweater dresses often have long slits like this Green and Teal Rib Knit Color Block Sweater Dress from the Essential Style Boutique. To look great, go for boots with heels. 

The secret to looking great in this outfit is to ensure that the slit is long enough to show some skin. Also, ensure that the knee-length boots fit perfectly so that it does not form a bulk with your sweater dress. 

Oversized Sweater Dress With Boots

Oversized sweaters dresses look amazing when they are midi or mini in length. For this outfit, wear a belt to accentuate your waist. However, if you are slim, you may not need a belt; you will still look amazing in your oversized sweater dress. 

Pair this outfit with chunky boots or flat boots. Feel free to add some tights under your sweater dress. 

Sweater Dress and Boots Outfits: Must-Try Combinations 

sweater dress and boots outfits


We agree that sweater dresses and boots are versatile. But here are some casual and fun ways to style your sweater dress and boots. 

1. Cold Shoulder Sweater Dress and Animal Print Boots

If you are looking for an outfit to rock for a wedding, this is the perfect combo. Here you will not only look sophisticated but glam. With the animal print boots, you do not need to wear too much jewelry because they speak for themselves. 

2. White Sweater Dress and Sharp Black Accents

This is the outfit to select on those days you want to steal all attention in the room. White always looks great, but even better when paired with black shoes. Complement the look by going all-black for your boots, belts, and handbag. 

3. Go for Neutral Colors

Neutral colors always add a touch of femininity to the look. Going all neutral will make you look delicate and chic. Go for colors like ivory, tan, beige, white, grey, and cream for your boots and sweater dress. 

Do not be afraid to play around with the colors; the good thing is that neutral colors always go well together. If you are unsure of what colors to try, then then you can use the Color Wheel to find the perfect shades to combine. 

4. Add a Plaid Coat

A plaid coat will take your sweater dress and boots combination to the next level. This is the perfect look for cold days; you will look great yet still keep warm. 

A look to consider here is going all black with your sweater dress and boots, then wearing a contrasting color for your plaid coat. A plaid coat is also an amazing way to layer up.

5. Adding a Leather Jacket

Picture this, wearing a short sweater dress, a black leather jacket, and black knee-high boots. Definitely, this is the perfect look for any day. You can substitute the black leather jacket and boots for brown, which look great. But black is my go-to color for this combo.

Final Word

There are so many ways to wear a sweater dress with boots. But you will look great with the right combination. In this article, we have given you a few outfit ideas to try out. 

Do not be afraid to try out different combinations. You never know. Maybe the outfits you have been avoiding are the perfect ones for you. 

Luckily if you do not own a sweater dress yet, the Essential Style Boutique has great outfits for you to try out. You can check out boots in their shoe collection. If you are looking for sweater dresses, the knitwear section has great options.