How to Wear a Sweater Dress: 5 Outfit Ideas for Every Occasion

How to Wear a Sweater Dress: 5 Outfit Ideas for Every Occasion

A sweater dress is a knit garment, just like a sweater but long enough to wear without pants. Sweater dresses are versatile but perfect for those cold days when you want to look cute and not overly dressed. 

We all know that cold-weather outfits are not always cute, but you can never go wrong with a sweater dress. You will still keep warm and flaunt your amazing figure simultaneously. 

If you are new to sweater dresses or looking for some inspo on how to wear a sweater dress, then you have found the right place. 

Read on to find out more.  

How to Wear a Sweater Dress

The beauty of sweater dresses is that there are many designs to choose from, including mini dresses, midi dresses, long dresses, and oversized ones.  You can even get sleeveless, short sleeves, and long sleeves. 

What matters is how you style them. Here are a few tips to inspire your next outfit. 

1. Experiment With an Outerwear

how to wear a sweater dress


If you look for ways to look stylish with your sweater dress, then play around with different outerwear. You may achieve different looks for different days with the same sweater dress.

With a Leather Jacket

Leather jackets never go out of style and can be worn with your sweater dress. If you don't want to go wrong with this look, go for the black leather jacket. You can still experiment with different colors of leather jackets as long as they match your sweater dress.

This look gives you a touch of edginess. 

With a Coat 

A coat and a sweater dress are the perfect outfits to beat the cold. Not only are they cozy and warm, but they are also stylish. 

A coat is also the perfect way to layer up, and we know very well that layering your outfits is a current trend that is not going away anytime soon.

With a Denim Jacket

Everyone should own at least one denim jacket, if not two. Denim jackets are really stylish and yo practically anything, and a sweater dress is among them.

Whether you wear a long, mini or midi sweater dress, a denim jacket will instantly leave you looking stunning and stylish.

With a Matching Cardigan

Sweater on sweater is probably a term you never thought you could hear. You can either go for a cardigan of the same color and design or a different color. This outfit will look amazing with color blocking.  

The Essential Style Boutique has a great color-blocking sweater dress you can try out. 

2. Wear Them With Leggings

how to wear a sweater dress with leggings


Leggings and sweater dresses go hand in hand; I have always pictured wearing a leather dress with leggings. The outfit is perfect for the cold weather, and you will also look stylish. 

I would choose black with my sweater dress because the sweater dress is already a statement outfit, and you don't want leggings to take over the look. But if you are into colored leggings, you can go for them. 

3. Experiment With Different Shoes

how to wear a sweater dress with boots


With Boots

You will look amazing when you wear your sweater dress with boots. For long sweater dresses, go for ankle boots.

You can still wear ankle boots with midi or mini sweater dresses. But you will look amazing when you pair your mini sweater dress with ankle or thigh-high boots.

With Sneakers 

Sneakers are a must-have shoe in every woman's closet.  Sneakers were once popular with men, owing to their love of sports. First, women wore them with pants, but now women can wear them with dresses and still look trendy. 

4. Wear a Belt

For a form-fitting sweater dress, there is no need to put on a belt. But we know well that not all sweater dresses fit your figure perfectly. In fact, most of them are loose-fitting. 

If your sweater dress is loose, wear a belt to accentuate your waist and enhance an hourglass look

5. Choose the Perfect Accessories 

jewelry for a sweater dress


Accessorize your sweater dress with statement jewelry. Go for a long necklace with a pendant, and you can wear big earrings or a chunky bracelet with your sweater dress. 

You can choose to either go with bold silver or gold accessories. You can even decide to try mixing metal

Bonus Tips

1. How to Wear a Sweater Dress to a Wedding

We know very well that sweater dresses are ideal for cold weather. But did you know that you can rock your sweater dress at a wedding? Here is how to do it 

Go for a short-knit dress - this is one way to look chic in your sweater dress. Go for a soft knit top and warm colors.

Wear chunky heels - chunky heels elevate your sweater dress from a cozy outfit to a stylish piece.

Wear chunky jewelry - go for chunky earrings and a bracelet 

2. How to Wear a Sweater Dress Plus Size

Plus size women wear sweater dresses and look amazing in them. Here are some tips that plus-size women can use to be stylish in their sweater dress. 

Wear a belt - a belt is a great way to enhance your waist and give you a size 8 appearance.

Go for detailed collars - here, you can choose a v-neck collar to accentuate your bust. A turtle neck elongates your torso, making you look taller. 

Form-fitting dresses - Do not hide your amazing figure beneath an oversized sweater dress. Go for one that brings out your best features. 

Go short - Plus-size women will always look great in short dresses, so wear your dress short to flaunt your legs. 

Final Word 

Now you know that sweater dresses are great outfits that should be in your closet. Your body size does not matter; it is how you style it. 

Sweater dresses are amazing for cold weather; you will look stylish and keep warm. On the other hand, you can wear them to weddings and other events. 

Remember to go big with accessories. If you want to purchase one for yourself, check out the collection in the Essential Style Boutique.