How to Style a Cropped Sweater: A Complete Guide for 2022

How to Style a Cropped Sweater: A Complete Guide for 2022

Cropped sweaters? This is an oxymoron; sweaters are meant to keep you warm. But cropped sweaters show some little skin.  So can you wear cropped sweaters all season through? Yes, you can.

Not only can you wear your favorite cropped sweater every season, but you can also look stylish. Currently, cropped sweaters are becoming a wardrobe staple. Every body type, including both slim and plus-size girls, can rock this trendy outfit. 

In this article, I will show you how to make your cropped sweater an all-season staple. Did you know that you can wear it to work as well? I know, right? 

Read on to find out how to style your cropped sweater 

How to Wear a Cropped Sweater to Work

There are many ways to wear a cropped sweater to work; they all boil down to not showing your navel. You will look official when you style it right. 

#1. Cropped Sweater With High-Waisted Pants

how to style a cropped sweater


This is my favorite cropped sweater outfit to wear to the office. You can wear loose or skinny pants and still look amazing. 

The beauty of cropped sweaters is that they are baggy and give a smart casual look. You will look sophisticated and amazing in the outfit. 

The pants do not need to be super high-waisted,  just high enough to hide your navel. 

You can pair this look with pumps or some flat shoes. 

#2. Cropped Sweater and Pencil Skirt

style a cropped sweater with a skirt


Pencil skirts always scream office vibes. They give you a professional look that makes it look like you always know what you are doing, even on days when you have no clue.

Because pencil skirts are tight-fitting, they naturally balance the bagginess of the cropped sweater. The beauty of this outfit is that you can go for plain skirts or wear skirts with patterns and floral designs. 

#3. Cropped Sweater and a Blazer

If you still feel uncomfortable just wearing a cropped sweater to the office, you can drape over a blazer.

Wearing a blazer is one way to instantly look smart for the office. To complete this look grab a chic official tote and some pumps, and there you go. 

How to Wear a Cropped Sweater in Winter

Many winter clothes are boring but adding a cropped sweater to your look is a great way to add glam. However, you may look like you are trying too hard. The secret here is to balance your outfit perfectly. One great way of doing this is to layer up.

How to Layer a Cropped Sweater

Layering is a fashion secret that has been here for a long time. Layering is a trend that lets you be fashionable and warm at the same time.

Here is how to layer your cropped sweater. 

A tank Top or Camisole - if you want to layer up but not add bulk to your look, this is the best option. Wear it under your cropped sweater to look stylish and keep warm.

A buttoned-down shirt - this can also double up as official wear. 

Turtle neck - Turtlenecks are known for cold weather, you can wear this under your cropped sweater, and it’s a guarantee that you'll feel warm.

How to Wear a Cropped Sweater Without Showing Stomach


Cropped sweaters were designed to show some skin. But we all know that showing too much skin is not classy. 

Also, not everyone feels comfortable exposing their tummy. Here are some ways to wear a cropped sweater without showing the stomach

Layering - wearing another top on the inside is one way to cover up your tummy.

Wearing high-waisted bottoms - we all know that high-waisted bottoms are a current trend. You can wear high-waisted skirts, pants, or even shorts and still look trendy while covering up your stomach.

Put on Belt bag - Popularly known as the fanny pack, this is a great way to hide your midsection and still look trendy. For a more edgy look, wear it with a jeans skirt. 

Wrap a jacket around your waist - if you want to stand out, wear a jacket that contrasts your outfit. 

Wear a Blazer -  pair your cropped sweater with a blazer for some skin. You can button it up to cover more skin around your midsection. 

Put on overalls - you do not want your tummy showing? Then wear an overall over your cropped sweater. This look is only for you if you feel comfortable with the sides of your stomach showing. 

Wear a dress - one way to ensure that none of your skin is showing is to wear a dress underneath. Essential Style Boutique has a beautiful cropped sweater to wear with a dress. 

How Do You Wear a Super-Cropped Sweater?

how to wear a super cropped sweater


You have seen your favorite fashion influencer or a celebrity wearing a super-cropped sweater. You probably want one and are now wondering if you can pull off the look. 

Yes, you can; here is how you can wear one and feel confident. 

#1 Keep It Neutral

A super cropped sweater is already a statement piece; trust me, everyone will notice you wearing it. So keep it neutral dont go for bold and dramatic designs. 

You can wear a tank underneath, go for a neutral color, or a monochromatic look

#2. Stick to Simple Pants

Straight-legged pants are the best with this look; you want all your attention on your cropped weather, not your pants. 

#3. Go For Simple Accessories

Keep it simple; otherwise, it may look like you are trying too hard. If you have to accessorize, go for minimalistic jewelry. You can wear a simple, delicate necklace over your sweater. 

#4. Wear Your Hair in an Updo

You can wear your hair any way you want. But if you want to look chic and delicate, showing some skin on your neck is a great way to do so. 

Final Word 

The rise in popularity of high-waisted pants, leggings, tights, and skirts has made the cropped sweater a wardrobe staple. Sadly not everyone knows how to rock them.

In the article, we have described how to style your cropped sweater. Now, if you wish to purchase one to pair with your favorite pants or even go to the office, you can check the collections at Essential Style Boutique.