How to Style a Black Mini Dress: A Complete Guide for 2022

How to Style a Black Mini Dress: A Complete Guide for 2022

A black minidress, popularly known as the little black dress (LBD), is a must-have. The LBD not only screams confidence but is sexy. Wear this flirtatious piece to your first date, or look chic in a black tie or cocktail event. 

However, choosing how to style your black mini-dress depends on your preferences and plans. Sadly, many people kill the vibe of the LBD by not knowing how to style them.

This is why we have created this guide for you. This guide will convince you to get one if you haven't bought a black minidress. 

Let's jump in. 

How Do You Style a Black Mini Dress

If you are like me, you probably have several black mini-dresses in your closet. Here I will show you how you can style them for different occasions.

Going for Cocktails With Friends.

a cocktail black dress


We all look forward to hanging out with friends after a long work week. Nothing beats a weekend of drinks and catching up. 

Yes, this is the perfect time to wear your favorite LBD and here is how to style it.

1. Wear It Just Like That. 

Black is classic, and short is eye-catching, so believe me when I tell you that the LBD is already an accessory on its own. Choose this look for those hot days when you need to look simple but cute. 

For cold days, you can go in a black mini-dress long sleeved. 

2. Bold Earrings, Black Heels and a Clutch

This is for those days when you want to make a statement. If your eye caught someone's attention, and you want them to recognize you instantly, this is the look for you.

You could go for red heels and red lipstick for a bolder look. 

A Casual Weekend

a black dress for a casual weekend


It's not every weekend that you want to wear jeans and a t-shirt. Somedays, you want to look more feminine. Those are the days to take out your casual black mini dress from the closet. You can go for a black mini dress with sleeves

Whether you are going shopping or visiting with friends and family, or just want to look cute around your neighborhood. Here is how to style your black minidress

1. Wear It With  Denim Jacket

This is one way to look sexy without putting in much effort. You can either go for the classic denim jacket or the rugged jacket. All in all, you will look amazing. 

For those cold days, add a scarf for extra warmth.

Have your hair in a ponytail if you want to look casual and cute. 

2. White Sneakers

You probably know that white sneakers are trendy; women are ditching their heels for white sneakers. 

So if you want to look in style with your black mini dress, wear them with some white sneakers. 

You can walk your dog, go shopping or even go to an event. 

You can check how Katie Holmes styled her LBD with sneakers for inspiration. 

Is a Little Black Dress Appropriate for Going to the Office?

a black minidress for office wear


You probably never thought you could go to the office with your LBD. If you love your black mini dress, I am sure you’ll be pleased to learn that it can also function as office wear. 

And probably the more reasons to stock up on your LBD collections. Luckily the Essential Style Boutique has amazing pieces at great prices.

Here is how you can style a black mini dress when going to the office. 

1. Black Tights 

Some people may find the dress a tad too short. Adding black tights is one way to feel comfortable in your LBD. 

Also, tights, especially the fleeced lined ones, are ideal for those cold days.

2. Wear It With a Blazer. 

Wear a long blazer for an official look. Long blazers are also ideal for layering up on those cold days.

If you want a ladylike look, go for a tweed jacket. Consider wearing a pink tweed lady’s jacket if you want a million-dollar look. Of course, pair this with some black heels and a handbag. For a complete look, accessorize this look with some diamond or pearl stud earrings

3. Go for a Creative Look

 If you work in a creative environment, there is no better way to show creativity than styling your black mini dress. 

Throw in a statement leather jacket; remember, we are going bold here, so choose bright colors like pink.  Pair this with some black ankle boots and opaque tights.

How to Style Your LBD for a Festive Look

how to style a black minidress


Picture community, food, art and music; my go-to style will be jeans and t-shirts. But pick the LBD from your closet if you want to look unique.

Here, we are going for comfort, remember you will be dancing, eating and walking around.

So here is how to style wear booties; knee-length booties will be ideal. 

However, thigh-length boots will be perfect if you are going really short with your black mini-dress body con. Remember, for maximum comfort, a flat boot is necessary. 

Pair this look with a leather jacket, or better still, go for a military jacket.

Finish the look with a cowboy hat. For this look, there will be no need to accessorize. 

Fun Facts About the Black Mini Dress 

1. When Did the Little Black Dress Become Popular? 

The LBD became popular in 1926. The dress was more of a political statement than a fashion piece. It was a liberation for women.

Women were now free from traditional restrictive wear; thus, this statement was borne; 

“One is never underdressed or overdressed with a little black dress.”

2. Who Made the Little Black Dress Famous?

Vogue first published the LBD, even stating that it would be a uniform for all women despite class. 

Later on, famous women like Princes Diana and Elizabeth Hurley wore it. 

Final Word

No piece of cloth is as empowering as the little black dress. It is one outfit that brings out all your femininity and some more. What's even more beautiful about the dress is you can wear it worn in all seasons and at all functions.

All you need to do is know how to style the black minidress for any function, and this article has given you all you need to know. 

The Essential Style Boutique has unique collections if you are wondering where to get an LBD.