How to Choose the Most Flattering Plus Size Long Sweaters

How to Choose the Most Flattering Plus Size Long Sweaters

Whether you like to admit it or not, we all love to wear sweaters. Sweaters are cozy and warm and give us the hugs we all deserve. 

Sweaters see us through the cold days and give us the warmth we need for those chilly nights. We even wear them when watching movies, eating popcorn, and drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows. When going through a breakup, sometimes the plus-size long sweater is all we need. 

Sadly, not all plus-size long sweaters are flattering. Some distort our lovely frames and leave us looking unkempt.

If you love sweaters, here is how to select and style them to give you that flattering look.

Selecting the Most Flattering Plus Size Long Sweaters

Selecting the most flattering plus-size long sweater is challenging, we agree. But with these tips, you are on your way to mastering how to look stylish 

#1. Select the Perfect Length

choose the perfect sweater length


Long sweaters vary in length; some fall just below the hip, others below the knee, and others go to the ankle. 

If you are looking for a versatile plus-size long sweater, choose the one that falls just below the hips. You can practically wear this type with any outfit. Even better, these types work with any body type. 

Longer sweaters that fall below the knee and at the ankle give you a flattering look. Since they create a line that draws the eye vertically, you will instantly look slimmer with longer sweaters. 

# 2. Selecting the Perfect Neckline 

choose the perfect neckline


Everyone knows the V neckline and the crew necklines, but there are more than that. Here are some you may want to consider 

The Classic Crew Neckline 

If you want to look modest in your plus-size long sweater, this is the neckline. The rounded neckline will highlight your face since there is not much going on for it.

It is also ideal for those women with long necks. You will look elegant and graceful in this design. But, if you have a bigger burst, this is not for you; it will not highlight your lovely decollete. 

The V-Neck

Well, this is the dressier and most versatile of all necklines and is ideal for women who want to brag about their beautiful bursts. 

The beauty of a v-neck is that it is flattering for almost any body type. It also extends the line of focus, giving you a slimming effect, making it perfect for plus-size women who want to look an inch or two slimmer.

 The Timeless Turtleneck 

The title neck is ideal for those cold days. Not only will you look amazing in this style but also elegant. The turtleneck lengthens your torso and plays with your proportions, so if you have a shorter upper body, this will instantly make you look taller. 

You can wear this with jeans, a skirt, or tights. Pair this with ankle boots to get that look of sophistication.

The Magnificent Mockneck. 

Lucky for you, the Essential Style Boutique sells an amazing plus-size Mock Neck sweater that you can pair with a leather skirt, trousers, and boots.

The mockneck is ideal for those of us who do not like the feel of the turtleneck hugging tightly on our throats but still love the illusion that it gives. 

You can pair this with small hooped earrings for an extra look of style and glamor. 

How to Wear Plus-Size Long Sweaters

Currently, fashionistas are obsessed with oversized clothing, including sweaters. Everyone seems to be going for an oversized sweater nowadays. On the contrary, many do not know how to style them. 

Unlike form-fitting sweaters, plus-size long sweaters can give a flowing slouchy appearance.  Here are some ideas to make you look great in these oversized sweaters. 

#1. Add Some Jewelry

match oversized sweater with jewelry


Adding statement jewelry to your oversized sweater will instantly glam your look. Wear your plus size long turtleneck sweater with a long necklace with a medallion to look stylish. 

Bring a luxurious look with a jeweled bib necklace whenever you wear your plus-sized cable knit sweater. 

#2. Choose Chic Shoes

best shoes for plus size sweaters


Plus-size long sweaters often hide your feminine body, and because of this, you may want to find other ways to look more girly and attractive. And one way is to wear pretty shoes.

Your choice of shoes goes a long way to add polish and structure to your look.

If you want to highlight the shape of your legs, go for the pointy-toe knee-high boots. The look will amazingly contrast the relaxed nature of the plus-size long sweater. 

High-heeled shoes will give off your feminine energy and make you look taller and slimmer. 

#3. Wear It as a Dress

You can always wear your long sweater as a dress. Consider wearing thigh-length boots if you feel it's shorter than your liking. Still, you can pair this with opaque tights for a more decent look. 

Put on a belt to accentuate your waist, and here go for a wide belt for more definition. 

#4. Style With a Skirt

Skirts and plus-size long sweaters, like peanut butter and jelly, go hand in hand. This is the perfect combo for those who love to layer their clothes. 

The beauty is that skirts of any length and size will look great with a plus-size long sweater. Not only will you look great, but you will also look feminine. 

Pair this with a belt to accentuate your look and give you that hourglass figure.

#5. Pick the Correct Pants

the right pants for plus size long sweater


Here, my jeans are a no go zone. Already, the sweater is slouchy and baggy so go for tighter jeans so that the shapeliness of your bottom balances it out. 

Tights and skinny jeans will look perfect here. But if you want to wear slim-fit boyfriend jeans or straight-legged pants, then front-tuck your sweater.

If you got those faux leather leggings, pair them with your oversized sweater for a perfect look. 

Final Word 

Now you know how to style your plus-size long sweater to look amazing. You can head to Essential Style Boutique to check out some amazing sweaters. Even better, new trendy plus-size long sweaters are frequently added to the store. 

In my opinion, every woman should own one or two oversized sweaters. I know many have stayed away from this for fear of looking bad. But if properly styled, you will still look feminine and attractive.