How Do I Pick a Swimsuit? The Ultimate Guide for 2022

How Do I Pick a Swimsuit? The Ultimate Guide for 2022

It is summertime, you have probably been working so hard for your summer body, and you cannot wait to show it. Even if you are not yet there, we all know it is time to get a new swimsuit. 

The thought of getting a new swimsuit can be overwhelming. Well! Every woman has a great body; you only need that perfect swimsuit to flaunt your fabulous figure. 

So how do I pick a swimsuit? Worry not! This guide will show you all you need to get that perfect swimsuit. 

Read on to find the best swimsuit for your body type. 

How to Pick a Swimsuit for Your Body Type 

The secret to finding a perfect swimsuit is selecting the perfect design for your body type. We all come in different shapes and sizes. However, every woman has that perfect feature; all you should do is flaunt it. 

Swimsuits for Large Busts

a swimsuit in a girl with big bust


You probably shouldn't go for string bikinis if you are a girl with big girls; you need proper support and coverage. 

Go for cup sizes and underwires to get all the support you need. You do not want your boobs to be all over the place. Swimsuits with thick chest bands will offer you all the extra support you need. 

Swimsuits for Small Busts

wrap-style swimsuit for girls with smaller bust


Selecting the best swimsuit for a girl with a small chest can be challenging. However, if you want one that makes your bust look more prominent, go for a swimsuit with ruffles or embellishments.

Alternatively, go for the time-tested and tried suit with extra padding to give you some boost. If you couple it up with an underwire, you will get some extra enhancement and a believable cleavage. 

Triangle tops, halter tops, and a wrap-style look will accentuate your bust. 

Swimsuits for Big Butts

If you have an ample backside, then it is better to keep it to a minimum. Going for high-cut swimsuits or string bikinis can be a bit revealing and uncomfortable. Go for swimsuits with enough coverage so you will not constantly be tugging for more cover. 

Printed tops with solid bottoms are all you need if you want to enhance your big booty. 

Swimsuits for Small Butts

Here you need all the enhancement, so do not be afraid to go for ruffles, ruching, and frills. Do not be afraid to go for brighter colors and louder prints; they do give an impression of a bigger booty. 

Unlike the girls with bigger tush, you can comfortably show some little cheek and get away with it. 

Swimsuits for a Bigger Tummy

 Elegant swimsuits for women with big tummy


Women with bigger tummies always find it challenging to shop for a swimsuit. Eventually, many of them end up avoiding swimming altogether. But worry not; you can still find the perfect swimsuit and look sexy. 

The key here is to draw attention to your favorite features and away from your midsection. Consider designs that give an illusion of a smaller waist, including color blocking and ruching designs.

Also, if you have curves, go for swimsuits that enhance them. Still considering, swimsuits with a lower V neckline will draw attention to the bust and away from the tummy. 

How Do I Pick a Swimsuit That Fits?

best swimsuits for any body type


Even after picking the perfect swimsuit for your body type, you will still need to select one that fits perfectly. Some shops like the  Essential Style Boutique have made it easier; you can choose from their small, medium, or large collections based on your body size. 

Still, many women keep asking themselves if it is better to size up or down. So here, I will guide you in selecting the swimwear that fits. So whether you are swimming or playing beach volleyball, you will not fear embarrassment.  

Here are the tips you need to consider.

  • Use online calculators to find your perfect size. Online tests like the Omni calculators will help you calculate your perfect size based on your size and body shape. 
  • Use virtual fitting platforms to select the perfect swimsuit based on shape and body size. You can even get sketchbooks that feature your body model for inspiration. 

Which Swimsuit Colors Are Most Flattering?

Beautiful girls with colorful swimsuits


We all know that black swimsuits are classic. You will look thinner, and black has a perfect way of enhancing your silhouette. Sometimes, mixing up colors and adding fun and excitement to your swimsuit collections doesn't hurt. 

So if you are looking for colors apart from black, here are the ones you should consider. 

Dark Purple 

Purple is royal, and what's more, it fits all skin tones. But rather than going for a plain simple purple, go for dark purple, I mean the eggplant or blackberry. 

Dark purple will give the black swimsuit vibes of a black swimsuit and something more. You will look like a sophisticated queen.

Emerald Green 

Emerald green is already getting me excited; the bluish-green color named after a gemstone already gives good vibes. 

The color is perfect for a Caribbean tropical look. Moreover, this color will look good on any body type and skin tone. 

Pair it with colorful beach wraps, or choose fun floral patterns to balance the eye-catching color. 

Navy Blue

Other than the color purple, everyone knows that navy blue screams royalty. You can pair it with fun beach wraps to give you a complete look. 

Whether you have a lighter or are skin tone, royal blue will look perfect on you.

Burnt Orange

If you want to branch out of traditional colors, burnt orange, also known as rust, is the perfect swimsuit.  The color may not be the first or second choice for many, but if you try it, you may find yourself liking it. 

Whether you wear it plain or mix it up with patterned or floral designs, you will still look amazing. Even more impressive is that the color is perfect for any skin tone. 

Final Word

Shopping for the perfect swimsuit can be a daunting task. Many find themselves browning online and end up not buying any swimsuits. 

It is evident that despite your skin tone, body type, and size, you can still find that swimsuit that works perfectly for you. It all boils down to a swimsuit that makes you feel good and look good. 

Have fun with it. After selecting the perfect swimsuit for your body type, choose different colors and patterns to spice up your collections. With these tips, you may find yourself frequenting the beach more.