How Can I Look Smart in Jeans? Ridiculously Easy Tips to Try

How Can I Look Smart in Jeans? Ridiculously Easy Tips to Try

Yves Saint Laurent, a designer, once said, “I wish I had invented blue jeans, they have modesty, expression, simplicity and sex appeal, the qualities I want in all my clothes”, and I agree with him.

Jeans are the most versatile piece of clothing. You can wear them practically anywhere. Depending on your feelings, you can even dress them up or down. Still, it is not always that you look good in jeans. 

But if you are asking yourself, “ How Can I Look Smart in Jeans?” Here are some tips guaranteed to make you look amazing. 

Choosing the Right Jeans

You must choose the perfect jeans for your body type if you want to look good in jeans. There are many types of jeans, from skinny jeans to mum jeans. 

Here are some tips on selecting the perfect one for you

1. Find Your Rise

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Over the years, we have seen many trends come and go. We have seen low-waisted jeans and high-waisted jeans. 

Here, we are not going with trends. We are looking for jeans that will work well for you. 


This type sits two inches below your navel and is perfect, and it looks good on curvier women with flat tummies. 


This one sits just below the navel and is perfect for all body types. This is your secret weapon if you have a little structure around your midsection. 


This one sits above the navel and is perfect for you if you have a smaller waist. Well, if you have the hourglass figure, you can also rock this type.

2. Find Your Fit 

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Here it is all about expressing your personality, and you can choose to go retro or look modern. I like to mix things up a little bit.  Here is how you can style the different fits. 

Boyfriend Jeans 

These are like the flares and have a varying degree of fit, but most often they are loose. Boyfriend jeans are ideal for apple and athletic body types.

To balance out your silhouette, wear fitted tops or cropped tops. If you want to look girly, pair them with some heels. 

Straight Jeans 

They are a bit more laid back; not much drama going on with this type of jeans. It is perfect for apple, hourglass and athletic body types. 

Here you can go for the shirt and blazer look. You can go for the shirtless blazer look if you are bold enough. 

An easy t-shirt, sandals, sneakers or boots will pair well with this timeless piece. 

Bootcut Jeans 

Pear-shaped and hourglass figures look amazing in bootcut jeans. 

Bootcut jeans have the greatest wearability; they keep on coming back. Wear them with booties and easy flats. 

Flared Jeans 

These jeans are perfect for the hourglass and pear-shaped body types. 

A tip to always consider is to ensure you choose one with a perfect height since many run long. 

Here you can go for the 70’s look by wearing an oversized top. But a fitted top will be perfect if you want to flaunt your wasp-like waist. 

Skinny Jeans 

We love skinny jeans because they are perfect for all body types. Yes, you got me right; anyone can wear skinny jeans and look fantastic. 

If you have a pear or hourglass shape, go for a dark wash and a lighter wash if you have an athletic or apple shape. 

The last time we checked, wearing skinny jeans and oversized tops was a trendy look. You can still wear fitted tops with skinny jeans, which is why I have several pairs in my closet.

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3. Find Your Wash 

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Wear darker jeans if you do not want to think hard about this. But if you are playful, read on to find the perfect wash. 

Dark Wash 

Dark jeans are ideal for any body type. Even better, it looks good in tops of any color. 

Always ensure that you have black and dark blue jeans in your closet, and you'll never have to worry about looking bad in jeans ever again. 

Medium to Light Wash

The medium to light wash is perfect for a casual look. The lighter the wash, the more casual the vibe you give. 

The monochromatic look is not going away anytime soon, so don't be afraid to pair it with a light neutral top. 

Colored Jeans 

The jeans are perfect for anyone bold enough to play around with colors. So here you can go with your heart; make sure you pair it with the right top color. 

Top Ideas That Make You Look Smart in Jeans

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1. Black Top and Black Jeans

Black on black is a comfort zone for many of us and a look that can never go wrong. Black makes you look elegant and sophisticated. 

So whether it's a sweater top, a blouse, a t-shirt, a vest or crop top, this should be your default style on those days you don't know what to wear. 

2. The Boho Style Tops

These are flowy feminine tops with floral prints, ruffles, pliers or an off-the-shoulder style. They give a feminine and elegant look. 

They are perfect for date nights, coffee dates or weekend cocktail events. 

3. Silk Tops 

Silk tops are elegant and can be worn with any jeans. Wear gold jewelry or pearls to look even more elegant in this combo. 

Pair the look with shoes that give off feminine energy, like pumps, and carry a clutch bag 

4. Denim on Denim

Here, wear an all-jeans outfit; pair your favorite jeans with a denim top.  

Final Word 

Jeans are an everyday outfit and if you are wondering if you can look smart in jeans, then wonder no more; yes, you can look smart in jeans every day.

Since jeans are an almost everyday outfit, all you need to figure out is how to find the right size and pair them perfectly with tops, shoes and jewelry.

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