Can You Wear Jeans and a Sweater in 2022?

Can You Wear Jeans and a Sweater in 2022?

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of jeans and sweater outfits is ‘the mum look’. Don't get me wrong, mums are cute and can be the most fashionable girls on the block. 

But we can't deny that motherhood can be tiring, and sometimes all you want to do is grab the next clothes, fashion aside, before running out to attend to mum's duties. 

So can you wear jeans and a sweater and still look fashionable? The short answer to the question is a resounding yes. 

Jeans and sweaters can be trendy, especially during cold weather when you want to look cute but still feel warm. 

Read on to find inspiration for those cold days.

Sweaters to Pair With Your Jeans

Here are five sweaters and jeans outfits that are currently trending. 

1. The Turtleneck

how to wear sweater and jeans


This is our first choice; you are guaranteed to look amazing in this outfit. The turtleneck is the outfit that will keep you warm and automatically leave you looking sexy. 

My choice for this look is to wear a black turtleneck and deep blue jeans. But here, any color of turtle neck will do. The secret here is to have several turtlenecks of different colors. You can wear this with the same pair of jeans all week, and no one will figure it out. 

Pair this with ankle boots, a pendant necklace, a matching handbag and some sunglasses. 

2. Cropped Sweater 

cropped sweater and jeans


Cropped tops are the in-thing this season. The reason why they are so popular is that they accentuate your waist. 

But to look amazing in this outfit, wear your cropped sweater with high-waist jeans; this looks like the 80s style, but you are guaranteed to look fantastic.

If it is really cold, wear a woolen coat on top. To complete the look, wear some sneakers or boots for extra warmth.

3. The Cable Knit Sweater 

cable knit sweater and jeans


Did you know that the cable knit sweaters originated from the Aran Islands in Ireland? Nowadays, they are a trending outfit, and anyone selling them has a booming business. 

Not only will you look amazing in the cable knit sweater, but you will also look festive; this could be because many people choose to wear them during Christmas. 

Here I would choose the white cable knit sweater and pair it with ripped jeans and sneakers. A red cable knit sweater will definitely make everyone notice your elegant presence. 

4. Striped Cardigan

how to wear a striped cardigan and jeans


Striped Cardigans will probably never go out of style; they are considered among the fashion-making trends of the season. 

To look neat and well put together, consider going for minimalistic stripes. You can wear a white shirt with a peeping collar on the inside. Still, it will look amazing when you wear it alone. 

The striped cardigan will look great with black skinny or straight jeans. Here you can wear heels, sandals, sneakers, boots or wedges. 

5. Loose Sweater

loose sweater and jeans


This is the perfect style when you are going for an eclectic look. Here you can wear a buttoned-up shirt on the inside. Because this look is aimed at making you look feminine, play around with colors like pink. 

How You Can Wear Jeans and a Sweater

The Essential Style Boutique has a great variety of  Jeans and beautiful sweaters in their knit-wear collections. Here are some tips to help you find the best jeans and sweater combo.

#1. Go For Solid Colored Sweaters

The beauty of stocking up on many colored sweaters is that you can easily style them with any style or shade of jeans. 

Choose basic colors like black, tan, white, gray and red. But in order to spice them up, have variety in terms of type and stitching designs and patterns. 

#2. Wear Chunky Sweaters With Skinny Jeans

The goal here is to maintain goal proportion. You can not wear a chunky sweater and oversized jeans otherwise, and you will look too bulky. In fact, you will appear an inch or two wider than you are. 

#3. Accessorize

Already this is not the most feminine style. You can opt not to accessorize if you want a simple look. 

But if you want to look like you took your time dressing up in the morning, add some accessories. Go for simple feminine watches, necklaces or earrings.

Here you can add a scarf, wear a hat and some chic shades. 

Also, remember to wear some make-up, lipstick, and some little mascara will go a long way. 

#4.Understand the Basics of Layering Up

Christmas trees are cute, but not when you look like them. Layering is an art that every woman needs to learn. 

Here are a few tips

  • The outer layer of your outfit should be the longest
  • Every layer that comes after this should be shorter than the one before. 

In this case, the sweater is probably the outermost layer, so it should be the longest. 

#5. Play Around With Different Colors of Jeans

We know that wearing dark jeans is the safest option. But here, do not be afraid to go for different colors of jeans. Choose beige or white jeans to look clean and sophisticated. 

#6. Don’t Forget Shoes

We know this is probably a cold weather look, but even as you keep warm, you want to look stylish. 

Boots are the best option here; play around with ankle boots, knee-length boots and even thigh-length boots. Sneakers will also complete the look perfectly. 

#7. Let Your Hair Down

You do not need to hold your hair in a ponytail. Remember, this outfit is for those cold days, so the possibility of you sweating is low. Plus, you will look chic with your hair down.

Final Word

By now, you are probably convinced that jeans and sweaters are a good combo. You only need to know how to style them perfectly. 

The article has described the different combinations of jeans and sweaters. Which one is our favorite? 

Can you wear jeans and a sweater? Definitely, yes, and I hope you now agree with others. 

Check out the Essential Style Boutique to find sweaters that greatly match jeans.