Are Long Cardigans Still in Style 2022?

Are Long Cardigans Still in Style 2022?

Cardigans were part of the 1800s pop culture vernacular.  Taylor Swift even referred to them as a discarded piece of material placed under a bed in her song ‘Cardigan' released in 2020.

In the music video, Taylor Swift wore a cream cable knit V-neck sweater with some black stripes around the edges. Because of the video, the exact piece was so popular that it sold out in her online store. 

And guess what? Kobi Bryant’s daughter even got the folklore cardigan from the singer making it even more popular. 

So, are long cardigans still in style in 2022? You should get this stylish piece of clothing if you don't have one. 

If you still have doubts, here is how you should style this pop cultured-inspired sweater. 

How to Stylishly Wear a Long Cardigan

stylish cardigan


The beauty of long cardigans is that you can style them for any occasion. It gets better; you can even wear it regardless of the season.

Let's jump in

#1. Wear It With a Skirt

To create a professional look, wear your long cardigan with a skirt. Even better, go for a knee-length pencil skirt and some ankle boots. 

If you have a long maxi skirt, pair it with a long cardigan, and wear some white sneakers for a complete fall look.

Style your long cardigan with a white T-shirt, a short skirt, and casual boots for a Saturday look. 

#2. How to Style It With Sneakers

Everyone knows that sneakers are a 2022 trend. If you search on Pinterest for a perfect look, you will most definitely get sneakers as part of that outfit. So you can pair your sneakers with a cardigan to look in style for 2022.

Here is how you can style this

  • Wear them with faux leggings to achieve the runway look
  • Add a cozy hat to look chic
  • Go for white sneakers and a white T-shirt for that casual look

#3. Long Cardigan With a Dress

long cardigan with a dress


Let me guess; you probably didn't think this could be a 2022 style. I am glad to let you know that you can still look in style for 2022 with this retro look. 

Picture yourself wearing a short summer dress, some sandals or sneakers if you don't want to get your feet dirty, and a long cardigan. Don't you think this is the perfect brunch look? To add more spice, accessorize it with a belt, fun earrings, a hat, or a necklace. 

#4. Wearing It With Jeans

long cardigan with jeans


You probably have been waiting for me to discuss this, jeans look perfect with almost any outfit, and you will look amazing when you wear jeans with your favorite long cardigan. 

The beauty of jeans is that you do not have to put much effort into looking good. Pair it with a tank top, a shirt, or T-shirt. You can go for a simple look or add accessories for an elegant look.

You can also wear long cardigans with ripped jeans.  Check out Essential Style Boutique for knitwear cardigans that will look great with ripped jeans. You can also accessorize this with a hat and a bag.

#5. Wearing Your Long Cardigan With Shorts

long cardigan with shorts


wearing your long cardigan with shorts is an off-duty ensemble. Combine your open cardigan with shorts, and you will look good without spending much time rummaging to find an outfit. 

The look is simple, but if you wish, you could accessorize your look with sunglasses, a bag, and some cute earrings.  Faded jeans look great with a long red cardigan and some red lippies. Pair this with a hat to look like a supermodel. You can even pair this with a watch and a pendant.

The beauty of pairing your long cardigan with shorts is that you will look younger; there is something youthful about this combo. 

#6. Pair Them With Heels

One of my favorite ways of wearing a long cardigan is by pairing it with heels; this look is classic. Yet, heels are among the few fashion trends that will probably never go out of fashion. 

I mostly gravitate towards skinny jeans with this look. But mum jeans are the new trend, and to accentuate this look, pair them with some black or red heels. 

Types of Long Cardigans Still in Style 2022

Now that you know how to style your long cardigans, you are probably excited to try out one of the styles. 

But there are different types of long cardigans; let me show you the different types.

Belted Long Cardigans 

Belted cardigans usually come with a belt. Some have belts attached to them, while others have loops to hold the belt.  Often, the belt is the same color and material as the cardigan. 

The beauty about belted long cardigans is that they accentuate your wait, giving you the coveted hourglass figure

Boyfriend Long Cardigans 

The boyfriend cardigans are styled to look like men’s cardigans, which is why it has the name ‘boyfriend.’ Boyfriend cardigans are a bit loose and boxy in style. 

These cardigans are not so long; they probably reach the mid-thigh, just long enough to include them in the long cardigan category. Still, they are nipped at the waist to accentuate your feminine figure. 

Buttoned Long Cardigans 

You probably recognize this type of long cardigan because they are popular. Most of them come in a solid bold color and are made in different fits and sizes. 

I prefer to wear them loose and oversized, but you can choose a fitted style.

Hooded Long Cardigans 

hooded long cardigan


Hooded long cardigans look great with jeans or black trousers, and this is perfect if you are looking for a style that will give you extra warmth. 

Vest Cardigans 

Vest cardigans that are long are really cute, and they look amazing if paired with any outfit. Even better, you will look feminine and delicate in this outfit. 

Final Word 

If you wonder if long cardigans are still in style in 2022? Then wonder no more; the long cardigan is a retro style that has returned as if it never left. The beauty of long cardigans is that you can wear them for any function and during any season; you only need to choose the right type and style it accordingly. 

Check out Essential Style Boutique for unique knitted long cardigan pieces.