6 Kinds of Jackets to Wear With a Long Dress

6 Kinds of Jackets to Wear With a Long Dress

You saw this and probably wondered, who in their right mind would wear that? If you did, I get you, this is probably one outfit that may seem a little tricky to master, and if not done well, you may end up looking overdressed. 

However, there is a way you can pair the two and look amazing; all you need to do is find the right combo. A maxi dress paired with the right jacket will leave you looking like a queen, and hell yeah! You deserve to look like that; you are the queen of your kingdom.

So, what kind of jacket can you wear with a long dress? Read on to find out.

What Kind of Jacket Looks Good With a Long Dress?

Here are some jackets that you can wear with your maxi dress.

1. Denim Jacket 

denim jacket with a long dress


Always wear a denim jacket if you are unsure which jacket to pick. Denim jackets are versatile; in fact, have several of them in your closet. 

You are guaranteed to look amazing in a denim jacket, whether washed out, ripped, black, or blue. This is one of my favorite ways to wear a long dress. 

This look screams put together and polished. 

Complete this look with some red lipstick, sunglasses, and ankle boots. Do not carry a huge handbag; go for a sling bag. And if you want summer vibes, go for a floral maxi dress. 

Wear sandals to tone down your look, but put on some heels if you want to show up. 

2. Leather Jacket 

leather jacket with a long dress


The beauty of leather jackets is that you can wear them all season. However, spring and summer are the best times to pair them with your maxi dress. Here you can happily wear your floral summer maxi dress. 

Leather jackets and long dresses for women are a match made in heaven. It is so easy to look stylish instantly in this combo. 

Picture yourself with a high-slit maxi dress, a  black leather jacket, and some ankle boots; this combo is to die for. 

To look perfect in this outfit, consider wearing a jacket that falls right at your hip bone or above it.  Don't go for long leather jackets. 

3. Trench Coat

trench coat with a long dress


Trench coats were once army officers' uniforms; their history traces back to World War I. now we have trench coats in all sizes and shapes. And you guessed it right, and you can pair it with your long formal dress.

This is the perfect look for formal functions.

 Also, don't be afraid to wear your long dress with an oversized trench coat that falls just below the knee. This look is just perfect for those cold days. Add a scarf, wear gloves and boots, and the cold will have nothing on you. Even better, you will look not only warm but also stylish.

4. The Belted Jacket

I always go for this look when wearing a long coat with my maxi dresses. The beauty of adding a belt is that you will achieve the coveted hourglass figure despite your body shape. 

Pair this look with a sky-high statement heel. Even better, go for a heel with a tipped toe. 

5. The Puffer Jacket 

puffer jacket with a long dress


We know that puffer jackets are perfect for cold weather. But nowadays girls wear them because they are stylish. In fact, celebrities like Jennifer Lopez are always rocking them. 

Design houses like Brunello Cucinelli and Miu Miu are recreating them for the red carpet and runways. 

This jacket layers perfectly with a silk maxi or long-wrap dress. The look is complete when you pair it with some sneakers; I always prefer white sneakers. 

6. The Oversized Wool Jacket

oversized wool jacket with a long dress


There is nothing as classy as an oversized wool coat. If you want to look rich, this coat is for you. Pair this with amazing long dresses you can Purchase at Essential Style Boutique.

This look is ideal for those late-night dinners. Go for turtle-neck long dresses and boots for a complete look. 

How to Look Good When You Wear a Jacket With a Maxi Dress

Long dresses make you look feminine without trying hard. Sometimes all you need to wear is a jacket, and you are good to go.

These tips are for those days when you want to look chic or make a statement. 

 #1. Look Casual and Chic

Here is what you need to wear to pull off this look 

  • Necklace. Go for a simple pendant. A big necklace will give you a busy look
  • Denim jacket. Nothing screams casual than a denim jacket. Go for one that’s washed out. 
  • Sandals. Sandals are so feminine and casual. Well, another opportunity to show out your perfectly pedicured toes. 
  • Ring. Go for the statement ring; here, go big. Choose a stone and color that compliments your eyes

#2. The Artsy and Fun Look

If you are into funky art fairs, this is the perfect look. For this look, go for the simple leather or denim jacket, and here is what you need to add.

  • Fedora. Nothing makes you look boho like a fedora.
  • Chunky necklace. If you want to look artsy right, then nothing screams art lover than a statement necklace. 
  • Wear a scarf.  A silk scarf is what you need to complete the look. 

#3. Look Good Effortlessly 

Are you going to a bar? Or hanging out with your friends on a Saturday afternoon. Then here is how to complete your jacket and maxi dress look.

  • Sunglasses. Adding sunglasses will instantly make you look good and casual. Aviator shield sunglasses are ideal for this look.
  • Bangles and necklace.  Do not go for a statement piece; choose simple silver or gold pieces here. 
  • Wedges. Simple wedges will give you that simple but sexy look 

Final Word 

You probably thought we could never pull off this look. Now, I am sure that you are convinced that wearing a jacket on your maxi dress is a good idea. 

Even better, you know what kind of jacket to wear with a long dress. Check out Essential Style Boutique for amazing maxi dresses at great prices.